About us

Michelangelo Brothers
Café Michelangelo, the restaurant, opened twenty years ago, but the story started long before. In the small town of Colli A Volturno, Italy two red headed brothers, Angelo and Michael Di Sandro, were born. The boys flourished as most Italian boys do, growing up with a strong love for soccer, wine, and food. When the brothers arrived in America on a ship named the Michelangelo, their ambition and drive to succeed in their new home was ignited. After successfully creating their lives here, they had a bit of nostalgia for the culture and lifestyle that they grew up with. They decided to share with their loved ones here the joys of their home in Italy.

Café Michelangelo was created to blend Italian culture and food and present it to Philadelphia. From the imported Italian brick oven to the outdoor seating below the grapevines, stepping into Café Michelangelo brings you out of Northeast Philadelphia, and into the hills Italy. Tucked away in a corner of the far northeast, Café Michelangelo’s exterior blends into the hustle and bustle of every day life. Once inside you will realize that looks can be deceiving and you will wonder if you walked through a door or time warp to the hills of Italy. Take in the authentic Italian cuisine in a quiet atmosphere, or step outside beyond the quaint interior into the patio and extensive outdoor area created to bring you to nonna’s back yard.
Villa in Italy
In Italy, food is meant to be enjoyed and meals are an experience rather than a necessity. It is a time for family, friends, and fun. Café Michelangelo brings the experience of Italian dining to you. Whether relaxing under the grapevines, playing a game of bocce, or enjoying an espresso while catching the latest European soccer tournament, the Italian style is inherent in all aspects of Café Michelangelo.

Started by two brothers with a love for their culture, family, and friends, Café Michelangelo continues to be family owned and operated for over twenty years. Café Michelangelo continues to grow and expand in order to bring our guests the highest quality food, service, and experience possible.